New section I'm testing out :) Curating designs I see on 𝕏.

✨ New work

I'm so excited to reveal the app icon I designed for @with_multi, an incredible collaboration app for macOS.


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I love discovering experiments outside people's usual work. Surprises like these always bring a smile to my face. Here's a mockup of the new website's playground section. ✨


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WIP 😶‍🌫️ User can try pretty much everything from the app, inside the landing 🫠

w/ @oguzyagizkara 🪄 for @joindimension


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WIP w/ @MakeReign_

Tough Love Letters from a Designer

Unlock your full potential, gain new perspectives and break free from self-limitations with the collection of inspiring and honest letters born out of Tough-Love

Something Ecrypt3d 🎩 ✨🪄

⌘ Tools: After Effects, Figma


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Sweet case study interaction 🤌 @Clarisights

Most product lookbooks suck.

This is concerning because over 85% of consumers prefer visual information over text.

Meaning they'd rather see your product in context than read a text block about it.

(Progress update on our interactive lookbook)

☄️ All illustrations and animations made in @figma 🪄


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✍️ Inline editing

Really digging drawers. ✨


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i'm still looking for some new brand identity work

hit me up, don't be shy...

SPX Olympus God Illustration for @ZeusOptions


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If you remember my previous work about Airdrops, today I want to show you a couple more screens from the product I worked on. This time, it is a portfolio overview


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A lil’ detail…


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🖋️ It gives a different pleasure to draw detailed illustrations ✨


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Public goods branding ® — '22

"Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style. "

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