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  • Nicola Felaco

  • Artist & Designer — Making Magic @Musixmatch / @ddaward Jury

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Good question mate! I've been in Musixmatch for 6 years and when I joined, my long-term goal was not simply about building the world's largest lyrics catalog, it was about facing a big challenge in the music industry. Understanding the relationship between people and lyrics through music from the branding until the interaction design. This means a room for improvement made it even easier for me to try, iterate and improve than ever before. One of the foundations of the Musixmatch logo says “Full of shades, always in sync”. This always reminded us that while a long-term goal is one, you have a thousand ways to achieve it. You can only keep trying and experiencing as best as you can and, if needed, redesign the workflow that fits for you and your team. Creative block is real, many years on the same product but also for many reasons that go beyond balancing work/life. So, we decided to set up a skill sharing days on Friday, an opportunity for everyone to escape from daily tasks and learning by sharing with teammates: Insights, Coding, Branding, Illustrations, UX courses... What I learned is that most of the time creative blocks come to gives you an opportunity to breathe and focus on the most important things. Sometimes a block is necessary, It’s part of the process.
over 2 years ago