Mobile App Landing Pages

Created by Oykun

You worked hard to design and build your mobile app. Now it is time to share it with the world, time to design a descriptive, attractive landing page for your app. Here are some examples I hope that will inspire you.

Preview 7 2 2
Rollie   spending tracker  2
Mart homepage1
Finance landing page shot 2 min 2
Findjoy website joshhemsley2 2


Created by Oykun

Simple, monochrome websites are at the rise today and there is a good reason for that, however sometimes colors put a great purpose for specific situation while seeing it still clean and minimal. Here are few colourful design inspiration for your next project,

Homepage   disconnect
Alex badovsky   design and art direction
Couple diamonds
Snap kit
Awesomescreenshot wade and leta 2019 07 24 21 07 21

White Space

Created by Oykun

We designers don't need to fill every pixel on the screen to give as many info as possible, but use it wisely to share easily digestible amount of information in a clean format with lots of breathing room. Here are some examples that makes good use of white space in web design.

The means to settle
Frank reps
Nike circular design guide min
Public type works   fonts for the people
Office of spgd min

Dark Style in Web Design

Created by Oykun

No surprise that UI Jar loves dark style in design :) It helps visual rich content to stand out more with its high contrast and clean/bold look. Here are some examples that uses dark style brilliantly.

Nico   home
Reform collective   we live in the details
GIF Testimonials animated
GIF 1 1 3 min 2

Design Agency Websites

Created by Oykun

Just like the Portfolio websites, Agency websites are the face of your work and culture to reach new potential clients. Also a place you can show off your creativity with no limits. Here are some examples for your agency's new design.

Pixeldenker   homepage
Ori studio

Big Typography in Web Design

Created by Oykun

Typography plays an important role in telling your message and setting the style. Here are some examples using big typography in web design for your inspiration.

Temporary  studio
Actual source
O m s e   design consultancy in london
GIF Project page 2 min 2

Hall of Fame

Created by Oykun

All the posts you see in this website is handpicked. So I love of them, but there are always special ones truly inspires me. Here is UI Jar's Favourite designs.

Dims    make room for a dims  original
Baina   organic cotton towels
Craig jackson
Mccahon house
Isabelle fox

Dashboard / Data Visualisation

Created by Oykun

We all love the richness of dashboard designs :) It comes with its unique challenges to find the best way of visualising data. Here are some handpicked examples to inspire you for your next data-rich project.

Full  1
Shot 3
Snapper 3 2 min 2
Dash 2 2
Graph visuals 2 min 2
Aruler dribbble 1 2 3
Aruler dribbble 2 2 2 2
GIF gif maker 7
Ar to improve airport experience


Created by Oykun

Your portfolio website is not only to share your work and to reach potential clients, but also a place where you can push your creative freedom with no limits. Here are some examples from UI Jar members.

Eum ray   portfolio
Slice 1
Dean bradshaw photography   dean bradshaw
Art%c3%abm tarasov   designer  art director
Timo kuilder   illustrator

Email Designs

Created by Oykun

There are over 3 billion emails sent every hour by over 6 billion email accounts. Let's stand out by designing our emails beautifully. Here are some hand picked email designs for your inspiration.

Emailthumb copy 2

Brutalist Websites

Created by Oykun

Raw, unusual, minimal, creative style in web design!

Editions   juxta press
Awesomescreenshot breakermag 2019 07 14 21 07 25
Elias kurth
Atlas de teor%c3%ada s  de la arquitectura
Awesomescreenshot noplans show  2019 08 09 10 59

iOS Interactions

Created by Oykun

Animation brings UI to life. It is more than an eye-candy. Meaningful interaction animations makes your application more clear, connected and easier to use. Here are some interaction ideas for your inspiration.

GIF Listingdetail
GIF Crossword
GIF Iphonex travel demo
GIF Walkthrough
GIF Nike snkrs copy