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Created by Oykun

Your portfolio website is not only to share your work and to reach potential clients, but also a place where you can push your creative freedom with no limits. Here are some examples from UI Jar members.

Lionel durimel   art director   interactive
Van holtz co
A savage min
Davide mascioli
William richardson   design and art direction

White Space

Created by Oykun

We designers don't need to fill every pixel on the screen to give as many info as possible, but use it wisely to share easily digestible amount of information in a clean format with lots of breathing room. Here are some examples that makes good use of white space in web design.

Studio few
Kasper laigaard   independent digital design director
Home page cecile bortoletti photography min
Developments min

Brutalist Websites

Created by Oykun

Raw, unusual, minimal, creative style in web design!

D heygere
Good times good times
Awesomescreenshot noplans show  2019 08 09 10 59
Vitamin 2 ag st  gallen werbeagentur  agentur fu%cc%88r digitale medien  print   marketing

Big Typography in Web Design

Created by Oykun

Typography plays an important role in telling your message and setting the style. Here are some examples using big typography in web design for your inspiration.

Shot 10
Novembre global

Design Agency Websites

Created by Oykun

Just like the Portfolio websites, Agency websites are the face of your work and culture to reach new potential clients. Also a place you can show off your creativity with no limits. Here are some examples for your agency's new design.

Banyak dribbble
Culture manual by curate labs   magazine
Vitamin 2 ag st  gallen werbeagentur  agentur fu%cc%88r digitale medien  print   marketing
Clase bcn

Mobile App Landing Pages

Created by Oykun

You worked hard to design and build your mobile app. Now it is time to share it with the world, time to design a descriptive, attractive landing page for your app. Here are some examples I hope that will inspire you.

Finance landing page shot 2 min 2
GIF Camfind
Skillshare class live
Website dribbble
GIF 1 revolut website   homepage


Created by Oykun

Simple, monochrome websites are at the rise today and there is a good reason for that, however sometimes colors put a great purpose for specific situation while seeing it still clean and minimal. Here are few colourful design inspiration for your next project,

General type studio  3
Dims    make room for a dims  original
The chrysler museum of art   free art museum   glass art studio in norfolk  va
Petal   high limit  low interest  no fee credit card

E-commerce websites done right

Created by Oykun

Your e-commerce website is like your store front in the street. You need to stand out and build trust to gain new customers. Here are some handpicked examples have done it beautifully.

Commonry 2
Sonia rykiel   official website and e shop
Good news london   shop the sneakers 2
Middle plane
6 shore road

Hall of Fame

Created by Oykun

All the posts you see in this website is handpicked. So I love of them, but there are always special ones truly inspires me. Here is UI Jar's Favourite designs.

F  miller skincare
S%c4%80r studio
Oros apparel   outdoor apparel inspired by nasa   insulated apparel
Offhours inactive wear for being indoors    offhours co
Cargo cult

Email Designs

Created by Oykun

There are over 3 billion emails sent every hour by over 6 billion email accounts. Let's stand out by designing our emails beautifully. Here are some hand picked email designs for your inspiration.

Https manage kmail lists com subscriptions web view a h3kqfy c n7yry3 r r2wks5h m xnz4tk k 355705d1942d0f36f802025d084563d6
Poolsidefm t min

Dark Style in Web Design

Created by Oykun

No surprise that UI Jar loves dark style in design :) It helps visual rich content to stand out more with its high contrast and clean/bold look. Here are some examples that uses dark style brilliantly.

Ilnur kalimullin min
02 2 2
GIF Sony