I'm amazed with the amount of quality content you design and post your Instagram Stories! You probably dedicate some serious time to it everyday. What does a typical day of yours look like?

Oykun asked almost 3 years ago

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Great question! At the beginning, I have spent alot of time preparing everything for my audience. But over the time (last 2 years) I have created a more automated process. In general, it takes me about 1h to shoot and edit photo(s) + 1h to write down the valuable content. I only post 2-3 week and the actual posting takes me around 15 minutes. As for my actual day, it’s full of design, gym, and design. I wake up around 1 PM and go to bed around 4 AM.

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Oykun commented almost 3 years ago

You are a night owl then : ) I used to be similar, until having kids who jumps on our bed at 6-7am :D However even before the kids, I could never sleep long.

I can see how you would speed up your process by the time. That's my struggle at the moment, I really want to keep my Instagram account updated but it takes so much time to arrange desk, take photo, pick one, edit, write content... Especially since I have started putting my free time to coding uijar.com

Your instagram inspires me to get back to it though. Hopefully soon, I will get back to it.

Baloydi Lloydi commented about 2 hours ago

I appreciate your work.