I've been a big fan of your work at Fol Studio. As far as I know, there aren't many design agencies in Turkey with such a high level of quality work. I was wondering how you validate your job applications for design roles. What is the most important thing you are looking at a candidate? (education, experience, ...)

Oykun asked over 1 year ago


Thank you Oykun, also we are really fan your works. Firstly we are looking for best character and excited person. Then, the work will be good together.

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Oykun commented over 1 year ago

Thanks mate! I totally agree that good personality and enthusiasm is really all you need to build new skills, adapt to a team and create great products. That was very much the situation I was in at the very first agency I worked for, I didn't know much but I was very excited to learn and it didn't long to work on big scope projects with great results.

Turkey based designers, here is your tip regarding Fol Studio! :)