Design Systems are so hot topic now :) Can you share a little bit about how creative teams manage that in Tidal?

Oykun asked over 1 year ago


Switching to Figma made our life a bit easier since we can keep all designs easily in sync. We've created a design system based on Atomic Design ( for each platform.

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Oykun commented over 1 year ago

Nice! This makes Tidal the first big scale project I know of that is using Figma as primary design tool. I'm sure there are more out there btw.

I have been thinking to make a switch to it from Sketch App for my client projects as well for 2019. How did you make the transition from the previous application (Sketch, Photoshop, ...)? It probably wasn’t easy to have everybody on board with such a big change :) How did it improve your communication with developers?

Aziz Firat commented about 1 year ago

It was actually very easy. The switch from Photoshop to Sketch took me a while to adapt but that was not the case with Figma.

Actually, as a team, we were tired to constantly ask each other the following question on Slack: 'are you in that Sketch file?'...

This was the main reason to switch.

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Oykun commented about 1 year ago

Yes I hear you. That's the main reason why I have been considering the figma for my client projects too. All the version problems, syncing via dropbox, etc... It doesn't feel like the experience we should be having in 2018.

I just haven't been confident enough with the symbols system of Figma so far to build my complex client projects, but I'm getting better at that, especially after MengTo's free Figma course at :)