Your Instagram is one of the very few accounts inspired me to start sharing my design journey :) You even wrote a book about it, Your posts clearly helps a lot of designers, however how does it help you as a designer? What does it bring you other than introducing you to more people? Why should designers invest time and effort to Instagram?

Oykun asked over 1 year ago

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I always say that self-promotion and personal brand is not necessary for everyone. If you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve or how it should help you in your career then it’s totally on point to invest time and effort into building it.

In my case, I really enjoy documenting my process and work. It’s simple as that. I do it not only for the public but also for myself because it works well in terms of self-reflection. I have a vision to lead/inspired by what I believe makes a great designer and being honest and transparent about how I work is one of the values I try to keep there.

Having a lot of attention is really valuable these days and my intention is to use it for good. Investing so much into my socials allows me to be in a position where I can reach interesting people (both fellow designers or potential clients), which I’d say is my main goal. On the other hand, I believe sharing my story and unique point of view on the world can be inspiring to others and motivate them to go and achieve something as well.

If you’re asking specifically about improving one’s designs skills or growing as a designer, I don’t think social media can help you your craft. It’s more about getting better at communication or marketing in general (which again isn’t necessary for everyone).