I loved following your design updates before you've gone all silent years ago. Is it because of NDAs or do you prefer not to share? Is there any place I can continue follow up your inspiring work?

Oykun asked over 3 years ago


I stopped showcasing my works online because my focus of work has shifted from defining pixels to defining problems and discover product opportunities for my clients.

Also projects I've spent hours to iterate on such as "search" or "roles and permissions" are not necessary sexy to showcase on dribbble. Audience won't be able to understand the context without the full background stories. This is why we are seeing more designers sharing their design stories on Medium. Maybe I should start sharing my learning on Medium as well. =)

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Oykun commented over 3 years ago

I hear you mate! I'm in a very similar situation. I really want to write these case studies to share some ongoing work too but to be honest, I'm a bit too lazy to do that. It consumes a lot of time and effort that I rather spend with family or for side projects... I also have the NDA problems in recent years.