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Beautiful use of pastel colours, photography and typograpy.

Big photography and big typography with butter smooth transition is a fun experience. Vivid and bright colour helps each section to distinguish clearly.

Tough Love Letters from a Designer

Unlock your full potential, gain new perspectives and break free from self-limitations with the collection of inspiring and honest letters born out of Tough-Love

This simple layout that gives me agency info at the left and the portfolio at the right feels so effortless.

Full-screen placeholder website with interesting hovering interaction with the beautifully designed background image.


Website β†—

The unique welcoming screen and editorial design make this agency stand out.

Simpl yet effective website to communicate the message. I like how smooth the simple animations are.



Appreciate the simple yet memorable brand for this health technology company by Moment

Always have been a fan of Palantir's clean design approach. Proves that you don't need to fill your website with lots of illustrations to make it appealing.

Tyler Deeb

Website β†—

Love the only 2 font size approach in this clean portfolio website.

Super fun website with smooth animations. Especially loved the folder style animation in the Works section.


Website β†—

I appreciate how this landing page gives very clear idea of what the SaaS looks and works like with the UI videos in action.



Pastel colours with stylist typography gives this premium, classy look. Btw, the UI designer side of myself loves the icon designs :) The inspiring work by GrΓ‘vita

Bold, dark style with smoothly animated 3D elements works so well.

Love how smooth the animations, transitions are.

"Design is not a single object or dimension. Design is messy and complex."

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