You worked with some of most desirable agencies like 3drops, Bakken & Bæck, Metalab and companies like Microsoft, also built your own products and design agencies. A lot of successful stuff. What are some of the biggest challenges you faced in this journey?

Oykun asked almost 2 years ago


I never wrote down the challenges I've faced, so this should be interesting.

When I was eighteen I felt like I had achieved it all because my idea of success was so financially oriented. That really pushed me into a direction that wasn't good for me mentally. It took time to reconnect with myself, work on things that truly made me happy, and find my purpose.

As time went on, I was slowly forgetting I was still a teenager. I was put in a position where people around me were expecting this level of maturity that started to become part of my personality. Skipping out on college and being surrounded by people older than me all day caused me to overlook that I was still growing up. You hear it all the time in the tech industry that it's okay to fail, but they're only talking about shipping new features or starting a new company. It's important to live for yourself and not try to live for expectations people may have for you.

What I've learned from all of those moments is that if you're facing a challenge, try not to waste time predicting the future. All you can do is reflect on the choices you've made in the past and let your gut feeling guide the rest.

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Oykun commented almost 2 years ago

Appreciate the honest answer, mate! You clearly got over this period in years by now, but you brought up a very interesting point. I believe this is a common issue currently for many young designers in the design industry. That's why the number of young designers reaching out to designers like myself for advice has skyrocketed in recent years. This is one of the reason why I started this AMA section.

All these highly funded digital products' pressure on young designers with high expectations must be putting lots of weight on young designers' shoulders in early ages. It of course comes with both goods and bads like many other things in life. I just hope all the young designers can follow their guts, as you mentioned, and be happy in the end.